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Careers at Dyson Farming: Varied, cutting-edge and rewarding

Dyson Farming employs over 180 people with different skills and from different backgrounds. Here we provide a snapshot of what a career at Dyson Farming can look like.

Careers at Dyson Farming: Varied, cutting-edge and rewarding

Dyson Farming employs over 180 people with different skills and from different backgrounds.  Here we provide a snapshot of what a career at Dyson Farming can look like.


There are a vast number of opportunities for individuals within Dyson Farming, from agronomists and natural scientists to accountants and commercial managers. It often surprises people what working for a farming business like Dyson Farming entails.

Dyson Farming’s HR Business Partner, Danniella Tomlinson:

“One day you can be recruiting for a harvest worker, another day it might be a joiner, another day it could be an assistant accountant position. It’s just so diverse.  People often assume you must be a farmer to work in agriculture. Dyson Farming is so much more than that and can offer amazingly diverse opportunities with excellent career prospects.”


Dyson Farming is always on the lookout for bright, forward-thinking individuals, keen to develop their skills and get involved in new ideas and problem-solving.  Whether fresh from college or simply with an innate passion for farming, young people are the future of Dyson Farming; our average age is 39 as compared to the industry average of 59. 

We work closely with colleges such as Harper Adams University and the Royal Agricultural University, offering student placements to gain experience in their field of interest. We often have individuals come back to Dyson Farming once they finish studying.

Lucinda Smith is a graduate of Harper Adams University and is currently working at Dyson Farming as an agronomist, spending much of her time checking the crops in fields, reporting back her views and making recommendations to the farm teams for crop management.

Lucinda Smith, Dyson Farming agronomist:

“I’ve been fortunate enough to be able to complete the extra modules required for the Harper Adams graduate diploma in Agronomy with Environmental Management, funded by Dyson Farming. Going forward I am very excited to be responsible for the agronomy of all the potatoes at Dyson Farming.”

Dyson Farming also offers apprenticeships to individuals, which can range from crop technicians to land-based engineering. Jack Clark is an Apprentice Mechanic at Dyson Farming, helping to fix farm equipment and vehicles in need of repair.

Jack Clark explains:

“Dyson Farming support me a lot with training and courses such as first aid, manual handling and working at heights. I would love to progress further and reach my maximum potential within the company.”


Dyson Farming is at the forefront of innovation and technology in the farming industry.  We are developing robots to pick strawberries and we have drones to map soil fertility, cameras on sprayers to spot weeds and bespoke software systems to interpret the huge amount of data produced.  Technology is already a big part of farming, and it is only going to get bigger.

Ed Ford, Dyson Farming’s Technical Agronomist:

“I started here as an agronomist and my role has evolved into technical agronomy.  Technology and data management are growing parts of the operations, helping to drive efficiency and productivity.  We are constantly striving for new ways to implement these technologies and being a part of this is extremely rewarding.”


We employ management accountants, finance officers and payroll administrators who apply their skills to manage the overall finances of the business, with the added benefit of a working environment surrounded by beautiful, rural views!

Catherine Roland, Dyson Farming’s Financial Controller:

“I oversee the day-to-day operation of the finance department. Working in agriculture is very different from any industry I have worked in before! No two days are the same. There is always so much going on and the decision-making process is fast, especially with the weather being a huge factor in our activities.”


Renewable energy production is not only an increasingly important part of our business, it also represents a huge opportunity to do more with the resources available to us. 

Dyson Farming’s Assistant Anaerobic Digester Plant Manager, Barry Buntin:

“I joined Dyson Farming in 2018 as an Anaerobic Digester operator at Carrington.  I was made Carrington AD supervisor in 2020 before being offered my current role in 2021. This progression has enabled me to gain in-depth knowledge of how the sites operate.

“Dyson Farming has invested in my growth by providing me with courses and training, ensuring I am well equipped to deal with my roles.”

A FAIR WAGE FOR A DAY’S WORK                

Investing in people is important, whether in skills development or career progression. We are also proud to be an accredited Living Wage Employer, joining over 8,000 other employers around the UK who voluntarily commit to paying above the minimum wage.  We believe everyone should get a good day’s pay for a hard day’s work.

Danniella Tomlinson, explains:

“The Dyson Farming team puts a lot of time and effort into their work. We invest heavily in our employees because they are our future and as the company grows, we want them to be part of the journey.”


This article provides only a snapshot of the roles at Dyson Farming. There are many more that contribute to the success of the business.  If you are interested in a job with us, have a look at the exciting opportunities we currently have available here.

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