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"I fondly recall school holidays spent working on local farms harvesting potatoes, sprouts, parsley and blackcurrants. Now our family has a 100-year ambition to sustain and regenerate essential farmland across the country."

Sir James Dyson, Founder

Meat Boxes

Our tender and flavoursome meat is produced using farming practices that have been designed to protect and improve the animal’s welfare and to look after the environment.

Dried Firewood

Sustainable wood fuel from our farm delivers a clean burn with maximum heat output. Suitable for all open fires and wood burning stoves, we dry our Firewood Logs using renewable energy we produce and store them ready to be delivered to your door.


High-energy, easy-to-eat and packed full of essential oils and calories, black sunflower seeds are the top pick for many smaller wild bird species. Easily opened husks make our Birdseed suitable for use with a feeder, on a table or scattered on the ground.

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Accreditations & Awards

In the UK, assurance schemes help to provide consumers with a guarantee that food has been produced to particular standards. These schemes are largely voluntary arrangements.

Dyson Farming currently participates in the assurance schemes detailed below. We are confident that Dyson Farming standards will meet the requirements of any scheme, and in most cases exceed them.

Great British Food

Taste of the West

Red Tractor


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