Simulated Game Shooting Days

Simulated Game
Shooting Days

Simulated Game Shooting Days

Enjoy an unforgettable day’s shooting against the spectacular rural backdrop of Dyson Farming’s Lincolnshire Estate. Our Simulated Game Shooting Days can be tailored to your preference, with a choice of various clay-based game drives at different locations across the estate.

We welcome groups of up to 15 people, making it an ideal option for corporate entertaining or as an unforgettable day out with friends or colleagues.

  • A combination of drives held over various locations
  • 5 pegs standing 15 guns, 3 standing on each peg
  • Stands will recreate game drives, which can include, but not limited to, Pheasant, Partridge, Duck Flush and Roost shoot
  • Breakfast rolls & hot beverages on arrival, elevenses and a full lunch
  • 250 cartridges included per gun, additional cartridges can be purchased
  • Cater for a range of abilities
  • Proof of gun license required
  • £280 per gun
Date Clays Available Pegs Price  
19/06/2021 6500 0 £280 per Gun
23/06/2021 6500 0 £280 per Gun
26/06/2021 6500 0 £280 per Gun
31/07/2021 6500 0 £280 per Gun
14/08/2021 6500 0 £280 per Gun
18/09/2021 6500 0 £280 per Gun
25/09/2021 6500 5 £280 per Gun

We are flexible with dates, so enquire if you would like a specific date. To enquire about other dates or further details, please contact or call 01526 322 058

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