Dyson Farming


Walking on the farm

Walking on the farm

Walking on the farm

Walking enthusiasts, urban escapists and avid wildlife watchers are among those welcome to explore the many miles of walkways that run across the Dyson Farming Estate. In total, we provide access to almost 70km of walking routes, made up of around 30 public footpaths, 20 public bridleways and 20 permissive footpaths and bridleways.

Public footpaths are covered by legal protections to ensure they remain available to the general public, while access to permissive pathways is granted by special permission.

What you might see

As well as the beautiful countryside, your walk provides a chance to see its many inhabitants, which include deer and hare. Look out too for farmland birds such as corn bunting, yellow wagtail and linnet, and listen carefully for the unmistakable twittering of skylarks. On special occasions, sightings of rare species such as red kite and marsh harrier are also possible.

Dotted throughout the estate we have a number of boxes that have been built to provide a nesting place for the different species of owl that are resident here. Those lucky enough could even catch a glimpse – or hear the screech – of the barn owls that choose to make them a home.





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