Dyson Farming


Natural capital and carbon


Protecting the land and habitats in our care

The importance of good stewardship

We responsibly manage, monitor and nurture the natural environment, biodiversity
and resources that surround Dyson Farming land.

Our protected woodland, field margins and wetland habitats provide homes and food
for the diverse wildlife and encourage pollinators. Cover crops help to enhance the nutrients in the soils,
improving the quality of our food production and farming in the future.

Enriching our soil

Soil conservation is core to our ethos. We grow a diverse range of crops on a sustainable rotational basis, tracking data points to ensure it is continually enhanced with nutrients needed to maintain and improve fertility.

Surveying our land

We constantly monitor and support the rich blend of plant, bird and animal life that exists across the length and breadth of our land. Across our environmental stewardship schemes, we actively manage 390,000m of hedgerows, have rebuilt over 10km of dry-stone wall, and manage 11,700 trees and 250,000m of ditches, rivers and streams.

Woodland Management

“Woodlands are worth salvaging, and nothing’s beyond rescue. We’ve worked with previously undermanaged woodlands, bringing them back to life with a programme of thinning, felling and replanting”

When managing woodlands, we regularly chat to local environmental groups to make sure we protect various species as we go about our work.
We have a ten year Woodland Management Plan in place across our Estate.

Head Office

The Estate Office,
Cyclone Way, Nocton,
Lincoln LN4 2GR

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