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Why farming?

Farming for the future

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Why farming with
Sir James Dyson 

Using technology and engineering in farming

Dyson Farming work closely with Dyson Engineers, using new technologies and ingenuity to grow produce responsibly and at scale, while also nurturing the natural environment and biodiversity.

Food and farming

Dyson Farming produces high quality and nutritious food all year round.

Our regenerative approach to food production allows us to create a nourishing environment to grow a range of crops from wheat to barley, peas to potatoes, and strawberries alongside a fully integrated livestock enterprise producing
high-welfare beef and lamb.

Renewable energy

As part of a vision for circular farming, the anaerobic digesters use crops we grow on the farm to generate enough energy to power the equivalent of 10,000 homes.

This is vitally important part of the business and presents a huge opportunity to do more with the resources available on the farm.


Farming and environment go hand in hand.

By monitoring, protecting and enhancing the landscape around us,
we benefit wildlife, pollinators and soils to maintain an enriched environment.
This protects the land for farming into the future and helps us deliver nutritious produce today.

Access to natural spaces allows people to develop
a greater connection to the food they eat.

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