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Harvest 2017

Harvest 2017

Our combinable crop, pea and early forage crop harvest is complete and our results are shown below. 2017 has proved to be an interesting growing year with the early part of the season dry and the latter wet. Crops generally reached maturity date earlier than normal, but inclement weather prevented the timely harvest of some crops resulting in a decline in quality and yield – but overall a “good harvest”

Our thoughts on crop performance :

  • A small area of winter barley performed badly with later planting to reduce the pressure of black grass the main reason for this.
  • Forage rye and barley in line with budget. A wide range of yields to achieve the average with later planted barley performing less well than well-established rye.
  • Pea vining was protracted reflecting the range of planting date, soil type and aspect. Result 10% over our expectation.
  • OSR crops generally clean with even establishment, pre-planting digestate and placement fertiliser being the main contributors to yield.
  • Wheat has performed well with the majority of the crop grown for either milling or seed. Some varieties will be dropped due to inconsistent performance over two years.


Crops still to be harvested include potatoes, sugar beet and maize.