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Work Experience 2017

Work Experience 2017

We have been lucky enough to host work experience placements for some exceptionally talented individuals this summer.

Libby: “I had the opportunity to spend a week with Dyson Farming on work experience. Everyday I saw and learnt new things in different departments and was surrounded by lovely people who were so passionate about their work. Dyson Farming is exactly the type of company that I will be looking to work for when I graduate next year. The unexpected highlight of the week was spending the day with the sheep team!”

Ed: “Having just finished A Levels, and hoping to study International Agriculture at Nottingham University, I was given a fantastic opportunity to spend a week on The Dyson Farming Farms in Lincolnshire. I spent time with different areas of the business including Agronomy, with the farm managers as well as with different machine operators using the Pea Viners and Foragers. Everyone made me incredibly welcome and made the experience highly enjoyable as well as it being a valuable learning opportunity. “

Sage: “The two weeks I spent at Dyson Farming were extraordinary. At the onset of my visit I had next to no experience with farming or agriculture, let alone on a commercial scale. I spent a day or so with nearly every manager and came away with so much more knowledge than I had before. I was consistently amazed at the kindness, sincerity, and passion of each and every person that I worked with. Everyone was happy to answer any and all questions that I had – it was like going to a high level school where I was the only student and all my teachers were practicing experts in their fields.

The 100 year plan for Dyson Farming is truly inspiring. I was especially blown away by the AD plants and the various environmental initiatives that have been set in place for the purpose of cultivating and restoring wildlife. It’s thrilling to see a farm at the commerciaal scale be so devoted to sustainability and innovation. I cannot wait to continue studying and exploring agriculture, and I have Dyson Farming to thank for fueling that drive and curiosity.”