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Dyson Farming Research provides farmer-led innovation for the potato sector

Dyson Farming Research is a key partner in a new project that will improve farm sustainability and profitability.

Dyson Farming Research provides boost for farmers and the environment

Dyson Farming Research is the lead partner in a new project that will improve farm sustainability and profitability by developing an understanding of how potatoes can be grown in a more environmentally friendly manner. 

Transformative Reduced Input in Potatoes (TRIP) is a 36-month research programme to develop cost-effective regenerative farming methods for the potato sector. The project is a series of connected trials which will connect R&D for: 

  • Innovative plant nutrition approaches
  • Reduced and no-tillage methods
  • Using novel low-input potato cultivars with a longer natural dormancy level
  • Developing new integrated pest management methods 

The Dyson Farming Research team will work with the project partners to provide research that will boost confidence when aiming to lower the use of chemical inputs.

TRIP will help the potato sector in its journey towards Net Zero by demonstrating how using regenerative methods for potato growing can potentially reduce GHG emissions and build soil organic matter and its carbon sequestration. The research outcomes will provide other potato growers with substantial savings in nitrogen fertilisers, fuel and storage.


Funded by Innovate UK, TRIP is a partnership led by Dyson Farming with partners The James Hutton Institute, Bangor University, Light Science Technologies, Emerald Research, SDF Agriculture, Colwith Farm Potatoes, FG Pryor & Son and CP Richards & Son.

Richard Meredith, Head of Dyson Farming Research, said, “A more regenerative approach to potato production will help us to maintain the efforts we take to improve our soils while also potentially reducing our production costs. We’re delighted to be working in this farmer-led partnership to help deliver a more sustainable potato sector.”

The results of this project will be shared with Dyson Farming Research members at upcoming events. For more information on memberships and to join, contact Richard Meredith at Richard.meredith@dysonfarming.com or 07717 493015.

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