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Dyson Farming Research: low carbon fertiliser trial

Dyson Farming Research is a key partner in a new project that will improve farm sustainability and profitability.

Dyson Farming Research takes a step forward in reducing synthetic nitrogen through low carbon fertiliser trial

Dyson Farming Research are members of a consortium which has been successful in securing funding from Innovate UK for a project which will help boost the sustainability of growing arable crops.

The project consortium is led by Crop Intellect Ltd and includes, Barworth Research, University of Lincoln, CHAP, and The Allerton Project.

Multi-location field trials hosted at Dyson Farming Ltd will test how the Crop Intellect Ltd R-Leaf product can be used with endophyte prototypes to combine their nitrogen-fixing benefits. The trials aim to reduce an estimated 50% of synthetic nitrogen fertiliser applied to wheat under standard farming practice.

Richard Meredith, Head of Dyson Farming Research, said, “We’re thrilled to be part of this project and see large potential in how it can help reduce farm input costs while improve soil health through reduced synthetic nitrogen fertiliser use. It will contribute directly towards net zero emission targets in agriculture and impact positively across the entire agri-food supply chain, from farm to retailers and end consumers.”

The results from this project will also be shared with Dyson Farming Research members at its upcoming technical events. For more information on membership, contact Richard Meredith at Richard.meredith@dysonfarming.com or 07717 493015.

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