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Restoring Natural Features- Dunston Beck

Our Dunston Beck project has seen us restoring natural features in a bid to enhance biodiversity and work with the natural environment.

Restoring Natural Features-
Dunston Beck

The Dunston Beck restoration project has been pivotal in enhancing biodiversity by working with the natural environment.


Learn more about the what the project involves and our findings so far. 

What is Dunston Beck?

Dunston Beck is one of several streams rising from Lincolnshire’s limestone bedrocks that are crucial to the local habitat. A steady flow of crystal-clear spring water, which emerges at ground level, makes a great habitat for diverse wildlife through wetlands, gravel beds and back channels.

What is the Dunston Beck Project?

Dyson Farming, collaborating with the Environment Agency and Wild Trout Trust, has undergone a major improvement, transforming the Dunston Beck to a more natural, meandering path, after previously being straightened for drainage. We have added in bends, seeded and planted locally sourced, native plants and carefully managed grazing ensuring a rich and diverse flora.

This project has been completed in two phases and was commenced in February 2021. We are continuously monitoring the site and are pleased with how it has withstood a variety of weather conditions such as flood management.

What are the findings so far?

We have seen benefits to wildlife, water quality and flow, enhancing biodiversity of the Beck and surrounding areas. The carefully excavated meanders help to filter sand and gravel on the riverbeds. These characteristics make it ideal for some of the most threatened species, including:

  • Water voles
  • European eels
  • Brown trout

Additional pools and riffles help to improve oxygen levels in low flow areas, offering consistent water temperatures for aquatic life.


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