Dyson Farming


Knowledge Provision

Knowledge provision

A commitment to growing, learning and sharing what we know

Uncovering new horizons

Fuelling a sustainable revolution in agriculture through

Where tradition meets innovation

Our vision for the future of farming is based on exploring how technology can be used to unearth new techniques and yield new opportunities for the benefit of our produce and our environment.

Sharing knowledge, insights and experience

The wider expertise available in the Dyson group has huge potential for Dyson Farming, bringing skills in areas such as material science as well as robotics, vision-based sensing and energy storage.

Dyson Farming Research

Experts in soil and crop management who help forward-thinking farmers achieve better productivity and enhanced profitability. Through access to the latest science, data, ideas and thinking, they equip decision-makers with the authoritative, independent information needed to adopt a smarter approach to sustainable, successful crop management.