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GOLD award winners

GOLD award winners

We are very proud that our roasting joints, ribeye and sirloin steaks have recently been recognised as GOLD award winners at the Taste of the West Awards. Our beef is produced at Hinton Farm in Somerset.

We believe our meat is special, not only because it tastes great, but we also have an interesting story to tell. Our overall farming ethos is to create a long term, regenerative model that will leave a positive land legacy now and in 100 years’ time. Our farming practices have been designed to protect and improve animal wellbeing and to look after the environment.

We breed primarily for the welfare of the animals, raising animals with excellent health characteristics which are then passed on to their offspring, ensuring that during their life, common ailments are minimised along with the need for prophylactic medication. We believe that this leads to a much higher quality product with meat cuts that are tender and flavoursome.

Both our sheep and cattle graze parkland and pasture for most of the year helping to manage the floral diversity of these areas and returning valuable nutrients and bacteria to the soil. Once the weather turns cold and wet the cattle are then housed in a state-of-the-art facility and fed on crops grown on our farms. The sheep are only housed during the lambing season to ensure that we can provide optimum care during this period. Data is at the heart of what we do, it allows us to track the life history of every animal to ensure each individual receives tailored health care and we can reassure our customers that the meat we supply comes only from our farm.

Through environmental stewardship or voluntary initiatives all our cropped land has a programme in place to increase biodiversity and protect natural resources. As well as directly benefiting the local wildlife, these measures also contribute to carbon sequestration and play a significant role in supporting our business as we progress beyond a carbon neutral operating status.


Our meat can be ordered online to be delivered direct to your door, packaged in sustainable sheep’s wool insulation.

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