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Dyson Farming Leisure: Fishing at Stubton Farm

Dyson Farming Leisure: Fishing at Stubton Farm

Register for a Stubton Ponds membership by visiting https://stubtonfarm.clubmate.co.uk/register.

For more information about our ponds, email us at leisure@dysonfarming.com.

Our fishing ponds at Stubton Farm are opening on 1 May 2023, and memberships are on sale now.

With five ponds spread across the farm, Stubton Ponds are ideal for experienced anglers and those still new to the sport. Varying in size and location, our ponds each offer something different, from sheltered pegs to open, field-side spots.

Become a member

Memberships are on sale now with a special early bird discount for members who join before we launch.

Memberships include:

  • Exclusive, unlimited access, club members only (no day passes)
  • A dedicated booking app
  • Adjacent peg parking at some locations
  • A choice of five well-stocked ponds
  • Membership pack and baseball hat


Postcode: NG23 5DA

Five ponds near the village of Stubton, a 15-minute drive from Newark-on-Trent.

For more information and to join, email leisure@dysonfarming.com.


What are the ponds stocked with?

Our ponds are mixed fisheries, including carp, roach, rudd, bream, crucian carp, tench, gudgeon and perch. We have ponds that are predominantly carp and predominantly silver fish. On average, there are 1000lb+ of fish per acre.

How big are the ponds?

We have five ponds in total, including:

– 2 x 0.5-acre ponds, averaging 4-7’ in depth

– 1 x 1.2-acre pond, averaging 3-6’ in depth. This pond features an island

– 1 x 1.2-acre pond, averaging 3-7’ in depth

– 1 x 1-acre pond, averaging 3-6’ in depth

How many pegs are there?

There are 100 pegs across our five ponds.

Is there a limit on the number of rods per member?

Members must have their own rod licence and are allowed to fish with two rods at any one time.

How long will my membership last?

Memberships are annual, running from May – April each year.

Do the ponds close during fish spawning?

No, our ponds will remain open throughout times of spawning.

How do we care for the fish in our ponds?

We work closely with a fishery management consultancy.

All ponds feature a dipping station.

Can you retain the fish caught from our ponds?

No fish above 2lb to be kept in a keep net, up to a maximum of 50lb. Large carp can be kept in carp sacks for weighing and photograph purposes only. Unhooking mats must be used at all times.

No keepnets to be used in hot weather.

Are the ponds gated?

Our ponds can only be accessed with a unique code for each gate. Only members are allowed to fish with us.

Are day tickets available to fish our ponds?

No day tickets are available – only members are permitted to fish with us.

Is there a time limit per session?

Members are given unlimited access to the ponds between dawn and dusk all year round.

Will the ponds be open for night fishing?

No night fishing is permitted at Stubton Ponds.

Is parking available at each of the ponds?

Parking is available at all ponds. Peg-adjacent parking is only available in some locations at two of the ponds.

Are there any bait restrictions?

Anglers must use barbless hooks. The following baits cannot be used:

– Peanuts

– Cat food

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